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Image by Matt Hoffman

Distilling Classes

The owners of The Shine Shop & Craft Spirits got their start with distilling, and it's led to some amazing tastes along the way. You can join us on that journey by taking our distilling classes.


David, one of our owners, will provide you with basic knowledge about distilling alcohol correctly. You'll learn about the different types of alcohol and how they're made and classified. You'll learn how to age and flavor your spirits with your favorite tastes.

Distilling classes include the following:

Whiskey Glass Up Close
1/2 barrel of whiskey or tequila with an aging kit
Image by Charl Folscher
Personalized barrel and The Shine Shop & Craft Spirits logo
Image by YesMore Content
Lunch and a tasting

For more details and scheduling, please call (970) 702-2365 

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