Our Spirits

We offer several homemade spirits that can brighten your day. We distill all our signature spirits locally and use only the prime parts of our ingredients. Stop by this evening to sample something delicious. You can even take a bottle home with you!

Treat Yourself to a Unique Moonshine Flavor

Moonshine Swaggle — 80 Proof

AKA White lightening. Sweet corn liqueur with a slight kick. 

Price per bottle: $36.99


Chopping Wood Moonshine
— 90 Proof

Distilled in Greeley, Colorado.  Force aged with post oak, hints of vanilla, cinnamon and makes a wonderful old fashioned.

Price per bottle: $39.99


Chopping Apricot Moonshine 
— 90 Proof

Distilled in Greeley, Colorado. Force aged with Apricot Wood and fresh Apricots, makes an awesome old fashioned.


Price per bottle: $39.99

Buckshot Butterscotch Moonshine
— 50 Proof

Made with our moonshine distilled in Greeley Colorado, Flavored with Butterscotch and goes great as a sipper or a mixer.


Price per bottle: $39.99

Image by Vlad Kiselov

End the Day With a Delightful Craft Gin

Green Tea Gin — 80 Proof

Organic neutral grain spirits flavored with juniper berries, oranges, and green tea herbs.

Price per bottle: $32.00

Image by Mae Mu

Try a taste of an organic Sip

2022_0325_21191700 (1)_edited.jpg

Sip of Blackberry
— 50 Proof

Fresh Blackberries, Organic neutral grain spirits, Organic Agave nectar. Great cocktail mixer.

Price per bottle: $26.00

Sip of Lemon
— 50 Proof

Fresh lemons, organic neutral grain spirits, Organic agave nectar. Mixes well with any cocktail or good by itself on the rocks.

Price per bottle: $26.00


Ru Ru Raspberries
— 50 Proof

A taste of Fresh Raspberries, Organic Neutral Grain Spirits, and Organic Agave Nectar. It mixes well with any cocktail.

Price per bottle: $26.00

Sip of Strawberry
— 50 Proof

Organic Neutral Grain Spirits Naturally flavored with strawberries for all your favorite cocktails.

Price per bottle: $26.00

Image by Aurel Serban

Check out our organic Agave Spirits


Apple Agave Spirits
— 80 Proof

100% Organic Agave distilled twice and infused with fresh Apples.

Price per bottle: $50.00

Apple Agave Cinnamon Spirit
— 80 Proof

100% Organic Agave distilled twice and infused with fresh Apples with an Apple Cinnamon twist.

Price per bottle: 

Image by Annie Spratt

Sit Back and Relax With a Flavored Vodka


Vodka — 80 Proof

Organic Neutral Grain Spirits filtered and bottled for your favorite drink

Price per bottle: $20.00

Cucumber Mint Vodka— 80 Proof

Made with our Organic Neutral Grain Spirits and Flavored with Fresh Cucumbers and Mint. Zero sugar added and Keto friendly.

Price per bottle: $26.00

IMG_1896 (1).jpeg
Image by Lucie Rangel

Get a smooth glass of our Bourbon and Whiskey

Rye’s & Shine
— 120 proof

A smooth cask strength 120 Proof Bourbon that has been aged for 5 years. Tasting notes are Vanilla, Cinnamon, Toasted Oak & Peppery Clove.


Price per bottle: 

Honey Rye Malt Whiskey
— 99 proof

An aged Rye Malt Whiskey made with fresh Colorado Honey. Peppery taste at the front and a strong honey taste at the end. Aged in used Bourbon barrels and ready to drink.

Price per bottle:

Image by Arwin Neil Baichoo